Design Courses

Types of Design Courses and Their Specializations

Design Course

Taking a Design Course can be a good move for anyone who wants a career change or wants to learn something new. The course I took had great modules, assignments, and was extremely useful. I learned how to design things that people would use in their everyday lives. I also learned the process of developing a design for a product. I highly recommend taking this course! But before you decide to sign up for a course, it’s best to know a little bit about them.

Types of courses

Depending on the level of education, there are many different types of design courses. Generally, undergraduate design courses last three to four years and are comprised of six to eight semesters. Graduates can specialize in the visual design or motion graphics area of the field. There are Certificate/Diploma, Bachelor, and postgraduate level courses available, each of which enhances the visual design skills of graduates and increases their job prospects. Listed below are some examples of design courses and their specializations.


NIFT offers four-year undergraduate programmes in fashion design, management and technology. Students can choose to specialize in one or more fields, including textiles, textile design, apparel manufacturing and product design. Students in these courses also study personal selling, marketing communication, and entrepreneurship, as well as sales and marketing. During the course, students also take part in indoor projects and counseling. This ensures that students receive quality education, allowing them to land the perfect job after they complete their course.


The CalArts Design Course offers an interdisciplinary approach to graphic design and is ideal for individuals who are interested in the ever-evolving media environment. The curriculum focuses on advanced explorations of form, methodology, and practice. Courses are taught by world-renowned faculty. Students will gain an understanding of contemporary practice, craft, and audience, as well as the role of visual communication in the digital age. The courses are available to students in both online and on-campus settings.


The MIT Design Course teaches the fundamentals of engineering design and product development, including project-based learning and defining design problems. It also teaches students how to generate ideas and implement solutions. Students also explore a variety of design techniques, including physical prototyping and sketching. Moreover, students gain exposure to the various applications of computer software to visualize and analyze design concepts. For those interested in applying this knowledge in their career, a certificate in design management may be an excellent option.

Symbiosis Institute of Design

Symbiosis Institute of Design is an educational institution that offers Bachelor of Design (BDes) courses in graphic design and industrial design. The course focuses on combining creativity with problem-solving methods and scientific analysis to produce a product or system that will meet the needs of its users. Students will be taught to balance environmental concerns and human-centered needs when creating products and services. The institute also provides students with the necessary foundational knowledge to become successful designers.

Online courses

Online design courses have become a popular way to learn the skills necessary to be successful. Many design courses focus on different aspects of product development and user experience. Some are even geared toward strategic application of design practice to new business development. Regardless of the field you’d like to pursue, these courses offer a comprehensive overview of the process of transforming an idea into a product. Some courses even offer self-paced learning options, allowing you to complete them at your own pace.